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Cynthia Mendoza provides top-notch legal representation to clients charged with criminal offenses in Lubbock County and the surrounding areas. She has extensive experience with both state and federal court cases and has a reputation for providing excellent representation to clients. Cynthia Mendoza realizes that every client, and every criminal prosecution, is different with its own set of unique facts. She will create an effective and aggressive defense plan individual to each and every one of her clients. Her skill and legal knowledge will help each client obtain the best possible outcome.

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Whether you are facing a 1st degree felony or a Class C misdemeanor, Cynthia Mendoza can help. Her expertise ranges from assault to sex crimes to drug and theft defense, and more.

Born, raised and educated in West Texas, Cynthia Mendoza grew up understanding the laws of the area, and is passionate about using that knowledge to help you.

Three things are imperative to determining the outcome of your case: the evidence, the way the evidence was obtained, and your representation. See how we helped these clients.

Commitment To Your Case

Cynthia Mendoza understands that the legal process can be confusing and stressful for you. No matter how difficult or complex a case may seem to you, she is committed to educating you on your charges and the potential consequences you face. Cynthia Mendoza spends as much time as necessary to assure that you understand the legal process. She will discuss your legal matter with you, carefully analyze your situation, answer your questions, and spell out your options. She will then create an aggressive defense designed to protect your rights, minimize the legal consequences and penalties you face, and obtain the best outcome possible for your circumstances.

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Spanish-Speaking Attorney

Cynthia Mendoza understands that many clients prefer to communicate in Spanish. If you have been charged with a crime or are being investigated, and prefer to discuss your case in Spanish with an attorney who can communicate with you in Spanish, contact Cynthia Mendoza. There is no substitute to discussing your case with an attorney who, like you, speaks Spanish.

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Whether you have received a traffic ticket or been arrested for any state or federal criminal offense,  do not wait another second to call Cynthia Mendoza – a skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer – who can draw from her legal experience to protect your rights. As a criminal defense attorney, Cynthia will discuss your case in detail and answer all your questions.  She will advise you as to what course of action you should take and determine which defense strategies can be used in your case.   You should not wait another second to call.

Remember, Cynthia specializes in DUI/DWI charges, assault charges, sex crime charges, drug crime charges, and theft charges.

For a free consultation with your local criminal defense lawyer, Cynthia Mendoza, call (806)781-2624 or contact us online.

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