An expert witness is a person who is considered to be an expert in their field of study based on schooling, training, certification, skills, and experience. The judge holds this opinion as one of a professional, which can be helpful in a courtroom as it is intended to provide unbiased, third-party information to the court as it pertains to the case.

When it comes to criminal defense cases, it is not always necessary to have an expert witness on hand. It can be an effective strategy when done correctly, and it can also be a waste of time, money, and effort if not. Luckily, the defendant does not have to make this decision alone. A good defense attorney will know when an expert witness is necessary and will have the proper strategy in place to make sure the witness is properly prepared for the court.


An expert witness is someone who is impartial to the trial. The witness is unbiased and able to provide facts and background knowledge to the judge, jury, and the rest of the participants in the court about technical subjects that may be typically foreign to most of the people in the room. The expert can provide testimony and be questioned by both the plaintiff and defendant parties, as well as provide information without testifying in court.

An expert witness is advantageous for educating and for reporting, which serves as a good fact check and reliable source for everyone involved.


An expert witness can become disadvantageous to your case if he or she is not fully prepared or does not have the necessary background to support their alleged expertise. It should be expected that the witness will be questioned by the opposing party on why they are qualified to give an expert opinion, and if the witness cannot build the trust in the courtroom, the information provided may be excluded and rendered unusable.

Therefore, to prevent an expert witness from harming your case, it is essential that we, as the criminal defense, fully prepare the witness to have the proper answers that support their facts and data presented at all times. There can be tough challenges in the courtroom, and bringing an expert witness doesn’t need to be one of them.

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