Federal and State Drug Charges

Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor marijuana charge or a first degree drug possession/manufacturing charge, Cynthia Mendoza will draw on her experience of handling state and federal drug cases to obtain the best possible outcome for you.  She will examine and investigate your case thoroughly.  She will build a solid defense for you while at the same time exposing any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you.  Cynthia Mendoza is your local criminal defense attorney; and she specializes in drug charge defense.


With the exception of a few misdemeanor simple drug possession charges, most Texas drug charges are felonies.  These felonies are subject to a wide range of incarceration time – from 6 months to life in prison.  In addition to incarceration, an individual convicted of a drug crime can face hefty fines, restitution, and loss of property and assets.  It is important that you hire an attorney who will identify a proper defense in your case and minimize the punishment as much as legally possible.  Cynthia Mendoza will study your case and craft a defense that will result in the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

Who Is Charged With Drug Crimes?

Lubbock County and the surrounding areas have a high rate of drug related arrests.  Cynthia Mendoza has handled state and federal drug cases involving many different types of individuals.  Individuals charged with drug crimes come from all walks of life – from young college students to those addicted to narcotics because of medical issues to those who are repeat drug offenders.  Cynthia Mendoza believes that no matter what circumstances led to your charge, you deserve a strong defense.

Illegal Searches

There have been instances where law enforcement officials arrest any individual he or she believes has a connection to illegal drugs, even if the connection is flimsy or unsupported.  In many instances law enforcement officials make an arrest simply because an individual was in the proximity of the illegal drugs.  Additionally, there are time when law enforcement officials have conducted illegal searches and seizures that violate an individual’s Fourth Amendment Rights.

In short, no matter what type of drug charge you are facing, the evidence that law enforcement officials have obtained against you is very important.  However, in some cases the evidence will not be as important as how it was obtained by law enforcement.   Cynthia Mendoza will thoroughly investigate your case to determine whether any illegal search issues apply to your case.   She will examine the case to ensure that the evidence was collected legally.

Federal Drug Crimes

For the most part, federal drug charges carry significantly more severe punishments than state drug charges.  Cynthia Mendoza has experience and an understanding of the federal sentencing guidelines and mandatory minimum sentencing laws.  She will guide you through the complicated federal process at every step.

Cynthia Mendoza Can Help You

Cynthia Mendoza will carefully examine the circumstances under which you were arrested, how you were arrested, whether you have a criminal history, and the evidence obtained against you.  She will identify any mistakes made by law enforcement during the investigation against you.  She will then advice you as to the whether it will be beneficial to you to agree to a plea bargain or to fight the case in a trial. It takes a professional criminal defense lawyer to truly understand the appropriate way to leverage a drug defense case.

Contact Cynthia Mendoza

If you have been charged with a drug crime – whether a misdemeanor or felony – contact Cynthia Mendoza today at 806-781-2624 or contact her online.  Cynthia Mendoza is happy to offer to you a free initial consultation, so do not delay, contact her today.