Being accused of a sex crime is very serious. Sometimes just being accused of a sex crime can devastate your career and family life. Even harsher, sex crime convictions can carry long prison sentences and convictions sometimes carry a requirement that you register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. It is well known that Texas prosecutors are known to be tough on sex crimes, especially if the sex crime is against a child. If you are being investigated for a sex crime it is important that you contact Cynthia Mendoza – your local professional criminal defense attorney – immediately.

Do Not Talk with Law Enforcement Officials Until You Meet with a Lawyer

Cynthia Mendoza strongly recommends, without exception, that if you are questioned by law enforcement regarding allegations of a sex crime you refuse any interviews until you have had an opportunity to discuss the matter fully with Cynthia Mendoza and evaluate the pros and cons of talking with law enforcement. Facing a sex crime allegation causes panic, anxiety, and fear. Many times these emotions can be misinterpreted by law enforcement and can result in a negative outcome for you. If you are suspected of a sex crime, it is important that you refrain from answering any questions by law enforcement until you are represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney. Cynthia Mendoza is your expert criminal defense lawyer.

Investigation of Your Case

There are numerous types of sex crimes in the Texas Penal Code. Sexual Assault, Possession and/or Distribution of Child Pornography, and Indecency are just a few examples of the many charges that are considered sex crimes in Texas. It is crucial that no matter the charge, a thorough investigation be conducted on your behalf. Cynthia Mendoza understands the importance of a full investigation of your case and will ensure that an investigation is conducted by a qualified private investigator.

In some cases, a complete investigation will reveal false accusations of sexual assault and other sex crimes. False accusations can occur for many reasons, including child custody disputes or someone wanting to hurt you, but any accusation can be devastating for you and your reputation. An exhaustive investigation of your case, may reveal information that will help Cynthia Mendoza obtain a positive outcome for your case.


Almost all sex offenses under the Texas Penal Code are categorized as felonies. Consequently, a conviction of a sex crime can carry the potential for many years in a prison. Additionally, some sex crime convictions require that you register as a sex offender, in some cases for the rest of your life. The possible penalties you will face depend on the exact charge brought against you, as well as your criminal history and other factors. To know exactly what you are facing, a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer is critical.

Call Today

Cynthia Mendoza understands that being accused of a sex crime can be embarrassing and extremely stressful. Do not let embarrassment and stress delay your call. Due to the serious nature of these accusations, contact criminal defense attorney Cynthia Mendoza today at 806-781-2624 for a free and confidential consultation, so she can begin developing your defense. You can also contact Cynthia Mendoza by completing the online contact form. Any delay in contacting a lawyer could harm your case.