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Aggressive Defense Against Murder Charges in Texas

At the Law Office of Cynthia Mendoza, our Lubbock, Texas, murder defense lawyer has over 12 years of experience in this complex area of law. As a result, we have a long track record of success in addition to a comprehensive understanding of Texas criminal law. We understand the severity of murder charges, and we will work hard to get the charges you are facing reduced or dismissed completely. You can rely on us for strong representation and well-informed guidance.

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Texas Murder Laws

Texas leads the nation in executions and is enormously proud of its “tough on crime” image. If you are charged with murder in Lubbock, Texas, prosecutors will likely try to convict you of capital murder, depending on your specific circumstances. However, there are numerous types of murder charges in this state.

First vs. Second-Degree Murder

The difference between first-degree murder and second-degree murder is the former requires the killing to have been planned in advance. Second-degree murder is an unplanned murder, and it often is considered a crime of passion. Capital murder, on the other hand, is considered an unforgivable offense. These charges may be brought if you allegedly killed another person for money, murdered a firefighter or peace officer in active duty, killed a child under 10 years old, and more.

Types of Murder Charges

The Law Office of Cynthia Mendoza is able to defend against the following charges:

  • Manslaughter
  • Capital murder
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Criminally negligent homicide
  • Murder in the first or second degree

Penalties for Murder in Texas

Murder charges are aggressively prosecuted and harshly penalized in Texas. In fact, if you are convicted of capital murder in this state, you face either the death penalty or life in prison. Even if you are convicted of a lesser murder charge, you still could up to $10,000 in fines and decades in prison. That’s why you need to retain a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney to guide you throughout every stage of the criminal process while protecting your rights and best interests.

Crime of Passion in Texas

What is a crime of passion? In Texas, a crime of passion can be described as committing a crime as a sort of emotional response to something just learned or witnessed. An example of a crime of passion could include a person walking in on their partner cheating on them with another person and, therefore, reacting with violence.

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