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Applying for a New Job? Consider Filing for a Non-Disclosure First.

Non-disclosure paperworkIf you have a criminal record for certain offenses and have successfully completed the deferred adjudication, you may be able to file a petition for a non-disclosure. A non-disclosure does not destroy your criminal records or even expunge a past conviction, but it prevents the police and courts from sharing your record with the public.

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Determining Non-Disclosure Eligibility

The process of filing a petition for non-disclosure is complicated and you will need to speak with your Lubbock criminal defense attorney to verify the details and specific paperwork you will need to produce for your case.

Some paperwork you may need to file depending on your situation can include:

  • A copy of your case’s judgment
  • Proof of your reduced period of deferred adjudication, community supervision, or confinement
  • Documented proof of your completed deferred adjudication
  • Signed verification that the judge dismissed proceedings and discharged you
  • Documentation that the judge set aside your verdict, dismissed your accusation, or allowed you to withdraw your plea

Essentially, any paperwork you can produce regarding important judge-signed decisions that involve your case, verdict, sentencing, or changes of it will be helpful for your attorney when determining your eligibility. Additionally, there are certain offenses that will not be permitted for non-disclosure such as sexual assault, murder, or child-related offenses.

Time & Money Expenses of the Non-Disclosures

The cost of a non-disclosure is fairly expensive, costing $1000- $2500 plus filing fees, mailing fees, attorney fees, and other miscellaneous fees. In addition, there is a waiting period to file for non-disclosures for certain offenses in Texas. For example, for felonies, offenders typically must wait five years after the discharge and dismissal (after the completion of the deferred adjudication). Certain misdemeanor offenses have a waiting period of two years, while other misdemeanors allow for filing immediately.

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